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Impact Investing for Great Returns and the Greater Good

Aspire Ventures Precision Medicine Fund
Aspire Universal and Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health (LG Health) have partnered to launch a unique $300 million impact fund to fast-track precision medicine technologies and practices that leverage AI and IoT to deliver affordable, individualized solutions at a massive scale. The unique fund aims to dramatically accelerate ventures by leveraging shared strategic resources, IP, and accelerator programs for R&D, clinical trials, insurance reimbursement, and health system adoption. 

We are a multi-family office dedicated to building strategic partnerships and an ecosystem that reimagines healthcare delivery from end-to-end through technological innovation and precision medicine.

We are a multi-family office dedicated to accelerating investments that will change the world.  Our community of experts and ecosystem of strategic partners are reimagining healthcare delivery from end-to-end through precision medicine and a new model of technological innovation.

A high-paced startup foundry focused on transforming healthcare through breakthrough technologies, Aspire Ventures leverages a shared services venture development model, proprietary adaptive artificial intelligence, A2I, and a pool of experts to rapidly build companies that disrupt the healthcare status quo.

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A collaboration between Aspire Ventures, LG Health, Capital BlueCross, and Clio Health, the Smart Health Innovation Lab is an insurance accelerator that helps market-ready healthcare technologies gain customers and insurance reimbursement with a 12-week certification program.

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Clio Health is a digital health network, using apps, AI, and revolutionary devices to improve healthy life expectancy and impact population health.

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A consortium for the healthcare blockchain, Healinx will leverage distributed ledgers and a consensus protocol for a major leap forward in healthcare data security and accuracy, price transparency, and real-time data exchange. The Healinx blockchain will power a care navigator that uses a native cryptocurrency, a patented secure wallet technology, and a real-time bidding system to help patients find the lowest bidding provider for healthcare services.

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The next evolution of artificial intelligence, our proprietary adaptive artificial intelligenceMeta-AI platform self-optimizes and self-assembles to adapt to unique problems and contexts in an ever-changing world. A2I exclusively powers the technology infrastructure of the Aspire Universal ecosystem and its subsidiary companies.

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Multi Family Office
Business leaders with proven track records in technology, real estate, media, and nutriceuticals, all financially invested and philosophically committed to transforming impact investment.

Essam Abadir
Group Manager

Bob Redcay
Group Director

Dave Kennedy
Group Director

Jeffrey Lehman
Group Director

Essam Abadir – Group Manager
Prior to founding Aspire, Essam founded and sold a leading mobile app development platform to Intel, which is now their mobile and IoT development platform. Essam is a serial entrepreneur and inventor with patents in areas such as crypto-wallets, swarm transmission protocols, fractal encoding, and high-performance distributed and AI systems. Essam is an MIT applied mathematics/machine learning grad, an MIT Sloan grad with a focus on corporate finance, and a graduate with distinction of the University of Iowa School of Law.

Bob Redcay- Group Director
Robert Redcay brings a great deal of experience and success in real estate development throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. As the president and founder of Redcay Development Companies, Bob has developed educational, residential, commercial, and industrial properties valued over $1 billion. At Aspire, Bob lends his expertise to develop the first Clio Smart Health campus at the Lancaster Stockyards.

Dave Kennedy – Group Director
David Kennedy brings a wealth of distinguished business experience and marketing expertise to his strategic role at Aspire Universal. His vision has helped define the company’s strategy for leveraging the synergies found among Aspire’s intellectual property in mobile technology, cloud computing, and machine learning.Prior to Aspire, Kennedy had a long and distinguished career within the media industry, including the role of CEO for Susquehanna Media Co., one of the major radio, cable, and Internet companies in the United States at the time. He was an early investor of Appmobi, where he ultimately became CEO and helped guide the company to a successful exit of its tools division to Intel.

Jeffrey Lehman – Group Director
A founding investor in Aspire, Jeffrey Lehman has extensive business expertise, most prominently as the CEO of Shank’s Extracts, Inc., one of the leading vanilla bean importers and flavor manufacturers in the world. Jeff is also experienced in the finance and healthcare industries, and has served on the boards of both Susquehanna Bank and Lancaster General Health.


Aspire Ventures Launches $300M Fund With Health System for Tech Supporting Precision Medicine
Medcity News – 4/24/2018
Aspire Universal has launched a $300 million fund through its venture arm to invest in technology to support precision medicine. Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, a health system, is a general partner in the fund, according to an emailed statement from Aspire. The Aspire Ventures Precision Medicine Fund builds on a pre-existing collaboration between Aspire Ventures, Lancaster General Health, and Capital BlueCross to start Smart Health Innovation Lab, which was formed last year.


LG Health, Aspire launch $300 million precision medicine fund
Healthcare IT News – 4/23/2018
Aspire Universal and LG Health have launched the Aspire Ventures Precision Medicine Fund to fast-track innovation for personalized devices and medical practices. The $300 million fund will invest in devices and therapies that leverage artificial intelligence and Internet of Things and LG Health and Aspire will share expertise and licensed intellectual property.

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